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Why Not Become More Closely Involved With The Taunton Sinfonietta?

You may wonder just exactly what this entails; hopefully the following will make it clear and encourage you to support the finest orchestra in the West Country in a tangible way.

The Patrons and Friends scheme developed from the generosity of friends of the Orchestra who supported its musical and educational aims. The Sinfonietta is grateful to all those who have contributed in the past and would welcome any new members.

A Patron makes an annual donation of at least £100, a Friend donating at least £30 annually. Such donations can be made under the Gift Aid scheme, which increases the income to the Orchestra. The annual list of Patrons and Friends is compiled at the start of each season and appears in each programme, except where the person concerned wishes to remain anonymous. Patrons and Friends are invited to meet the players for a glass of wine after most concerts and are eligible to vote at all General Meetings of the Orchestra. Starting next season, Patrons and Friends will receive a discount on their concert tickets.

If you would like to support the orchestra by becoming a Patron or a Friend, please contact the treasurer Ernest Kong preferably by e mail or telephone him on 07775 865634. Please feel free to contact the chairman Robin Carpenter if you would like to chat about the patrons and friends scheme.

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